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Cling-On Oval Brush O35

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A medium-small head oval brush perfect for general painting. large enough for bigger areas but small enough for small sections this brush is a personal favourite.

Designed by a professional painter and handmade in Holland, Cling-On! brushes feature soft and durable DuPont synthetic filaments fully locked in epoxy cement to minimize shedding, a stainless steel ferrule, beechwood handle & they come in 4 shapes: round, oval, flat and bent. 

Cling On! features: - Extremely strong... but still gentle! - Extreme durability - Amazing shape retention - Can be used with all water based products - Super easy to clean - even Milk Paint! - Superb cutting in - Minimize brush marks for a smoother finish -Super soft - Super affordable! 

Caring for your Cling On! 
Important! DO NOT remove the strings at the base of the round and oval brushes. This helps the brush keep its shape. 

Let your CLING ON! absorb some water before using it for the first time, so it gets the proper flex. Soak the bristles in water for approx 20 minutes before first use. Remove excess water by spinning the handle between your hands and it's ready for use. 

While painting, re-wet the brush as necessary as keeping the brush damp will prevent paint from hardening on the bristles and minimize brush strokes. 
When you're done painting give your Cling On a quick rinse then just stand it in a container, keeping the tips in water (preferably hanging so the tips are not touching the bottom). The filaments are specially treated to release the paint. The next day almost all paint will have left the brush, rinse, spin out the remaining water and you're ready to paint again or store the brush. Refresh water daily. 

Ideally, Cling-On's should be stored in a brush keeper, or similar device (empty pop-up wipes container with a few inches of water, even a large plastic soda cup with the brush handle pushed up through the straw opening) that allows the bristles to hang in the water, without touching the bottom.