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Why I love "old stuff"

May 27, 2020

Why I love "old stuff"

My story that ultimately lead to this little business venture, started in my late teens after leaving boarding school.  Working in the local grocery store, my artistic flair was recognized for shop displays & signage.  I grew a little nest-egg and would gather bits and pieces ready for my leap into being independent and making my own home.  My upbringing was on a farm, Mum taught me the essentials of cooking, sewing, cleaning and good schooling gave me the economics but it was life experiences that were going to teach me a thing or two. 
I couldn't wait to leave home, I was one of four kids and was longing for independence, no sister-hair-pulling or feral brothers to deal with, just the big wide world waiting for me.
Looking back I do have some of the fondest memories of my childhood.  We made do with what we had, if we didn't have it we probably didn't need it anyway.  They were the good ol' days, we grew our own, we made our own, we handed down... I remember having to wear my older brothers hand-me-down shorts!  My sister copped it double, as Mum would dress us girls in the same outfits so when I outgrew my "Sunday best" she would hand it down to my sister, so she had to wear the same style dress for years LOL.  We shared, we made our own fun, life was simple and we were family. 
My Nana lived to be 101, we loved going to our grandparents houses and staying with them.  We climbed trees, explored the dairy, threw peaches at each other in the orchard and lazed about on the verandahs.  There were rooms full of the most magnificent furniture and trinkets, we wouldn't dare touch some things and there was lots "off limits".  The bed my sister and I slept in (together) seemed huge, the bathroom was a small wash-house out the back with just a tub & minimalist cupboards.  Meal time we sat at the longest of tables on benches either side, amazing how many we could seat at Christmas time, Grandad at the head of the table while Nana cooked a feast in the tiniest of kitchens.
Is there any wonder I love old stuff, it's these memories that take me back to the simplest of things, the way items have been preserved, handed down and were made to last.  
People often say ‘I remember grandma had one of those’ or ‘I used to have this when I was a kid.’ Sometimes you see their eyes light up & it's precious cause I know exactly how they are feeling.  
I think our own heritage will disappear into a disposable age if we let it.  The treasures from the past were made to last, so if I can make something from the past last even longer, then it means a lot of return business.  Like a lot of restorers I taught myself how to restore, if you want something bad enough you'll find a way and I did, I'm still learning.
The more I enjoyed painting furniture and decorating pieces, the more I wanted to share my skills and the simplicity of it with like-minded people, so I researched Brands, read reviews, tested products and became a retailer for several of the best products I have found:  FUSION Mineral Paint, MISS MUSTARD SEED'S Milk Paint and JOLIE Premier Paint.  I sell what I use on my pieces and in our home and I know you will also be confident to use.  For me, as to which paint I use, it depends on what look I want to achieve and the colour or finish.
For several years now I have been doing custom painting for clients, but I'm sorry to say this is not something I have enjoyed,  I do it to please others that beg me but as I have limited time now I am more likely to encourage you to do your own.  Monet wouldn't like to be told how to paint his flowers and nor would Gina enjoy being told how to paint furniture.  
So whilst I am busy being a homemaker, mum, creative and business partner, I want to add a Vintage vibe to our region.  For now though, the vibe has had to downsize operation to a shack out at our farm.  The shack is not ideal for my hoard of furniture, but the dream of a pretty little Antique Store is still very much alive.  Whether you’re in it for the hunt, the stories, the style or just in the hope of finding treasure, MCH is full of possibility.
And isn’t that part of the fun?

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