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Blogging, is it for me?

June 01, 2020

Blogging, is it for me?

It's a giant step...starting a blog, can't say I ever wanted to as I'm not one to get too personal with strangers BUT if it means bringing us together so we have an understanding then this could be good, right?

As a blogger I will be learning on the go, just as I am with keeping this website under control and up-to-date.  I am fortunate that I have a space at home to work on a blog, a space to be creative with furniture restoration and plenty of space outside to shout at the world if I need to.  This is where life happens, it's full on most days for us as we are self-employed.  Unfortunately I can go weeks without being able to do the things I want to, even as empty-nesters we don't ever seem to have enough time for the things we love and really want to do.  The days when we aren't 'working' we will probably be in the midst of our renovation, trying to make a home out of a derelict house.  It's all a challenge and I'm sure there will be stories to tell, so stick around and let me know if there's anything you'd like me to chat about.

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